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We implement different initiatives to help rural India live a dignified life, beyond providing them a sustainable livelihood. Explore and contribute to a campaign you feel the most passionate about.

Health Care

In rural India, many preventable diseases go unchecked and have hazardous consequences. One of our endeavors is to eliminate such a life threat in our artisans’ community.

Keeping this predicament in mind, we aim is to reach 10,000 artisans and provide them free medical health check-ups across 5 states by the end of 2020 You can participate in bringing these services to our artisan community by contributing your bit.

Alternative Education Program

We firmly believe that education is key for alleviation. With this vision we have introduced Alternative Education Program (AEP).

It is a 6-month program consisting of regular 2 hour-long classes, and teaches basic literacy and math, understanding health, hygiene, family life, and confidence-building activities to become more self-sustaining. The educated women of the community become the teachers and are given the training to participate effectively.

Education is important for everyone. Rural communities are already disadvantaged when it comes to the opportunity of education, and this disadvantage is exaggerated to women and girl-children.
We aim to enroll 25,000 women at our AEP centers by the end of 2020 which will include additional AEP centers in five states.

Contribute to building successful paths for our women changemakers

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Connect with the grassroots for a fruitful collaboration to co-create positive long-lasting changes and build an incredible impact on artisanal lives.

We work closely with different kinds of organizations to develop mutually beneficial interventions and experiences that help us in polishing the potential of our artisans.

We invite you to collaborate with us for building sustainable and dignified lives for the rural community, as we recognize the hidden potential tucked in the most remote corners of India. When we work together health, income, and change are the outcomes as everyone in the rural ecosystem is given the care and support they need.

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