Entrepreneurship Development

JRF reaches out to rural communities and creates awareness about carpet weaving as a vocation and their potential gateway for earning a sustainable livelihood. We seek to transform impoverished individuals and make them employable by focusing primarily on building skills through training in rug-weaving. Building skills is furthered by nurturing leadership capacities at the grassroots among women artisans that help them build a bright and healthy future. The purpose is to create an inspired and engaged environment which encourages artisans to feel connected to the higher purpose of their work.

The overall ambit of Entrepreneurship Development includes two significant verticals respectively:

Modus Operandi

Quintessentially, JRF concentrates on pursuing unemployed and unskilled women living in rural villages and seeks to provide training in the craft of rug-weaving. Once the woman is transformed into a working artisan, she also gets an opportunity to integrate with the Jaipur Rugs inclusive development model. The subsequent phase is to deliver technical training and augment their skills and knowledge through up-gradation. This completes the skill-building facet of transforming women artisans, who now have earned economic independence, working from home.

However, this is just the beginning of the artisan’s ‘career’, which has established a certain growth trajectory from this point onwards. To facilitate the same, JRF reaches out to the many artisans working with them and starts the process of creating awareness about the organization, the journey of the founder – NK Chaudhary and establishes their connection with the bigger picture; the purpose of reviving craft and providing employment to thousands of unemployed women in rural India.

This process of engaging the artisans with the vision of the organization is followed by a series of trainings which aim at instilling an entrepreneurial mindset among artisans. The purpose of developing this is to enable the artisans to acquire higher responsibilities and take control of their lives with an owners’ mindset.

The last facet of Entrepreneurship development is to create leaders at the grassroots, who create more leaders, as they spearhead the mission of enabling sustainable livelihood to all those in need.