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Support JRF in implementing development programmes that build
long lasting changes at the grassroots.

Train a new artisan

Today, almost 40,000 people have gained marketable skills and enjoy a sustainable livelihood.

$300 will train a new artisan for 3 months before integrating into the Jaipur Rugs value chain

Help educate a rural woman

The Alternative Education Programme (AEP) provides functional literacy classes to more than 2000 rural women across the country.

$60 will continue education for a woman for a period of 6 months

$15 to gift study material (notebooks, pens, pencils, charts) to artisans and their children

Organize a health camp

We partner with local hospitals to organize health camps across villages and reach out to communities in need.

$25 will provide a free-check-up, diagnosis and treatment to 10 people

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