Empowering Rural India

In the most remote corners of India, lie a world of the most unique artisans that can share to us the beauty of that world. They complete us, bring love to us, and for that, we join hands so they can be complete too.

Entrepreneurship Development

Master of her Own Destiny

From an artisan without opportunity of education to an empowered, qualified entrepreneur in 5 years. Life in rural India comes with its own challenges, but Shanti Devi gains strength from her challenges.

Social Development

“To Educate Girls is to
Reduce Poverty.”

– Kofi Annan

Basic education is a fundamental human right. Our Alternative Education Program provides a basic education to marginalized populations across our artisans’ villages. We do not limit the program benefits to just artisans, but rather make it available for everyone in the villages through community mobilization.

Field stories

Rural India knows what we don’t

The youngest but most skilled, Mausam is an ideal example of, ‘You make the best with what you have.’

Like her, there are many others that guide us to learn new perspectives on life through their stories. Learn new lessons, read the stories that come straight from the field.

Rural Experience

Experience Rural India with us

Support our Artisans

Global Design Birthed
in Rural India

We invite you to see the ways you can participate in your best interest, and also check out the brilliant initiative that brings out the design palate of rural India into beautiful rugs for the world!

Every cause endeavours to move the spotlight to where it is most needed. In that chaos, there comes the rare outcome of the cause making it to the spotlight where it stands. Artisan Bimla Devi’s one-of-a-kind design perspective caught the attention of the global design stage and found her travelling to Germany to pick up the German Design Award, while not even having the opportunity to leave her village! This amazing story only came true through the support of every patron building a bridge that crossed nations.

Bimla Devi